Gartner Report: Use Recognition and Reward Programs to Boost HR and Talent Effectiveness

How is your organization leveraging employee recognition and rewards? According to Gartner, “by 2022, 70% of large and midsize enterprises will use some form of technology for recognition and reward. But less than 25% will leverage its full potential across the different use cases.”

Limiting recognition and reward to a service anniversary or employee of the month keeps your program tactical and minimizes its potential business impact. We believe this Gartner report shares best practices for designing a program that drives operational performance, increases employee engagement, and enhances talent processes.

By downloading the report, we believe you will learn:

  • How to extend the motivational impact of salary increases and bonuses by giving smaller, more frequent recognition
  • Key guidelines for building transparency and engagement through peer-to-peer recognition
  • How recognition and positive feedback support the trend toward more agile, continuous performance improvement

Download here

Gartner: Use Recognition and Reward Programs to Boost HR and Talent Effectiveness, Chris Pang, Melanie Lougee, 16 August 2018


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