Social Impact in the Human Workplace

Over the past year, movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, along with heightened social activism and record low unemployment, are driving an important shift in the balance of power in the workplace. People want – and expect – their voices to be heard. They want to be recognized for their accomplishments. They want transparency in the way they are rewarded and evaluated.

There is a noticeable distrust in positional authority in the media today, and the latest targets are the C-suite and human resources. From pay equity to performance and diversity and inclusion, HR and business leaders have an opportunity to be proactive on these issues – to put a stake in the ground for positive change.

Workhuman annually surveys fully employed workers in the United States to better understand their experience and motivation at work. This year we expanded the survey to include more than 3,600 workers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland, from industries as varied as healthcare, technology, and consumer goods and services.

Download this report and learn:

  • How to make recognition and rewards more meaningful and timely
  • Why regular check-ins are essential to improving manager-employee relationships
  • New findings that shed light on pay equity risks caused by traditional compensation practices
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