SMB Highlights


Jennifer Garber, Senior HR Manager, Exact Sciences

Kelly Poulson, VP, Coaching & Development, Allen and Gerritsen


Key Takeaways

  • Exact Sciences (750 employees) – Put recognition in the hands of their workforce, making valuable program data (teamwork, quality, innovation) available to every manager. They had no idea they are a smaller client – Globoforce makes them feel like they’re the most important client.
  • A&G (~200 employees) – As a SMB, A&G understands how meaningful human interactions are, and the impact social connections have in keeping their people happy and engaged. Following the merger of two advertising offices, strong evidence of their cultures being successfully integrated.
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Proctor & Gamble
Proctor & Gamble

P&G and Globoforce are completely aligned; after 10 years, the partnership is stronger than it has ever been.