Impact of Social Recognition


Jennifer Sweda, Compensation Manager, Eaton

Jennifer Faulkner, VP, Team Member Engagement, Baystate Health

Libby Bredin, Senior Compensation Benefits Partner, LinkedIn

Roseann Kobialka, AVP Organizational Development, AtlantiCare


Key Takeaways

  • Eaton – Looked at the ROI of recognition and found a strong correlation between recognition (giving and getting) and how employees feel about the organization
  • Baystate – Needed tools to make facilitate recognition across the enterprise: physicians, nurses, support, kitchen, groundskeepers; employees need to “refill their wells” and Globoforce made that possible
  • SSOE – As a consulting firm, recognition helps employees provide clients with even great value
  • AtlantiCare86% recognition adoption rate; employee engagement saw the two questions related to recognition soar five points
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