Humans of Workhuman: a Navy veteran comes full circle

July 3, 2019 Aaron Kinne
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AJ Abreu
Human snapshot
Name: AJ Abreu
Title: IT support engineer
Years at Workhuman: 4.5
Fun facts: He visited more than 60 countries while serving in the Navy, and can play the piano, trumpet, guitar, and drums.
Thoughts on working at Workhuman: “Man, I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day in my life working for this company.”
Best quote: “On a whim, I said ‘Yes.’ And I got shipped off two weeks later. Right in the middle of the semester.”
What does the Fourth of July mean to you?
For AJ Abreu, Navy veteran and Workhuman® IT support engineer, the day has many meanings: “It represents connecting with your family. Being around those who you love. It also gives you a sense of appreciation, and knowing what your roots are.”
(Click here to hear AJ’s full 14-minute episode.)
While the Fourth of July may be a celebration of our nation’s independence, AJ reminds us that our freedom isn’t free. Reflecting on those who have fallen to protect the freedoms we celebrate and cherish, he reminds us, “Our independence is because of those who came before.”
At the same time, he passionately believes that freedom is a gift worth the sacrifices he and so many others have made: “This country is the best country. I’ve been to so many countries around the world. And I can tell you … no one has it as good as we do.” 
In his interview, AJ chronicles his remarkable journey growing up in Framingham, Mass., traveling to the far corners of the globe while in the Navy, and coming full circle back to Framingham as an IT support engineer at Workhuman. 
Ironically, AJ’s first Naval assignment was right in his own back yard on “Old Ironsides.” And while being stationed on the USS Constitution is the second highest honor duty (following only The White House), AJ wanted to broaden his Naval experience. So he told his commander, “I want to go to the ‘real’ Navy. I want to travel. I want to see the world.” 
From there, he was assigned to the USS Enterprise battle group, which took him around the globe. He estimates he visited 60 countries during his tour of duty: “I was in a different country every other week. So you get to see a lot of the world – which opens your mind to so many people, places, and cultures.”
Upon his return, Boston University accepted him as a senior, and following graduation, AJ worked IT stints at various educational and financial institutions, until he finally landed at Workhuman nearly five years ago.
A human of many talents, AJ plays the piano, trumpet, guitar, and drums. As interviewer Mike Wood noted, “You’re like the entire Bruno Mars!”
At Workhuman, we are honored and proud to have Navy veteran A.J. Abreu as part of our work family. Thank you for your service, AJ.
And from Workhuman, a happy and safe Fourth of July to all.

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